Tim Pizey

Email: tim.pizey AT gmail.com
Web: http://tim.pizey.uk/

Professional Objective

To contribute to the success of a forward-looking high-tech organisation; advancing its goals using my software engineering, project management and team lead skills.

I have used quality tools to drive down technical debt in legacy systems and remove it at source in new builds.

I have set up, mentored and monitored the training of co-located and remote teams.

Team Lead

General Experience: Team Formation, Standups, Remote Team Management, Individual Mentoring.

Project Management

General Experience: Requirements capture, Estimating, Budget running.

Consultancy: Open Source Software, Agile Development, Repeatable builds, Continuous Integration, Code review, Standards compliance.

Project frameworks: Prince2 Practitioner, Jira, Scrum, Github.


Java: Servlets (expert), J2EE.

Python: Django.

Frameworks: Spring, Struts.

View tier: GWT, JSP, Velocity, Webmacro (committer), XPath, XSLT.

Web: HTML, JavaScript, CSS.

SQL: Postgresql (expert), MySQL (expert).

Persistence and ORM: Hibernate, Hyperjaxb, JAXB, XML, SGML, BerkeleyDB.

Testing: JUnit, Cucumber, PowerMock.

Configuration Management: git, Subversion, Puppet.

Continuous Integration and Build: Jenkins (contributor), Gradle, Maven (expert), Ant.

Continuous Delivery: Debian packaging, Jenkins promotions pipeline.

Systems Administration: Linux (expert), Amazon Web Services, Perl (expert), Mail - postfix, Exim, qmail, Tomcat, Jetty (expert), Heroku, Apache (expert), Puppet.

Tools: IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, Emacs.

Semantic Web: RDF, RDFa, Jena, NG4J (committer).

Employment History

Principle Engineer
February 2016-

Team Lead of a distributed team based in the UK and three sites in India.


Senior Java Developer
Elements Software
September 2015-January 2016

Team Lead of a UK and a Vietnam team.


Senior Development Engineer
Blinkbox Music
September 2013-May 2015

Membership of a team of engineers focussed upon code quality.


Software Developer (Grade 8.6)
Oxford University, Department of Psychiatry
January 2013-August 2013

Membership of a small agile team of software developers using the both the Python/Postgresql/Apache/Linux stack and the Java/MSSQL/Tomcat/Linux stack to develop web applications.


Senior Web Database Developer (Grade 8.5)
Oxford University, Centre for Genomics and Global Health
November 2009-December 2012

Using the MySQL/GWT/XML/Apache/Linux stack to develop web applications.


Project Officer (Grade 7)
Oxford University Computing Services
April 2009-October 2009

Development of an RDF backed location query engine delivering location based services to mobiles.


Systems Consultant
Champion Recruitment
October 2005-December 2008

Responsible for configuring and bespoke work on the Bond International Adapt system and web interface to it.


Senior Java Developer
INSL Limited
May 2005-August 2005

Lead Java developer for the Spheriq email cleansing service. As lead developer I had overall ownership of the codebase and a mentoring role to the other three members of the team.


Context Computing
January 1994-June 2004

Between my MSc and 2004 (11 years) I was a Sole Trader.


Chief Technical Officer
August 2000-

As CTO I managed a team of distance workers in addition to implementing and supervising the rollout and continued development one of the first online full text book websites.

Publishing Consultant
Thompson Tax
May 1996-February 1997

Working with Perl and SGML I wrote validation scripts for a large Tax Reference work.

Senior Technical Analyst
Catalyst Electronic Publishing
September 1994-May 1997

Recruited by the Technical Director I had responsibility for all project conversions. I also assisted in sales and defined the overall approach to most projects. The majority of projects were completed in perl.

Project Manager
Vosper Thornycroft Support Projects Division
May 1982-June 1992

In charge of a five million pound budget for programming labour and equipment. This post involved system design, hardware specification, negotiation with the lead contractor (British Aerospace, Warton), the MoD (Navy) and the end customer (Royal Saudi Arabian Navy) and its representatives (ex US Navy personnel).



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